All items sold by Jacobtime.com are original, genuine, never used (unless stated otherwise), and must pass our quality control team before shipping. Due to the fact that Jacobtime.com is not an authorized dealer for any brand, we are able to offer our products at lower prices. Additionally, as the manufacturers may not honor its warranty, we offer our own warranty on all items purchased from our company. We will either repair the item ourselves, replace the item with the same item or something similar (depending on availability) or offer a refund.

Every item that is repaired through the warranty is serviced through the Jacobtime.com service center. Jacobtime.com will service any watch bought from our website for 2 years after purchase. This is a commitment that we guarantee we will stand up to, without any hassle on your part.

For wristwatches, our warranty covers any defect in the movement that surfaces during the course of 2 years, which is not caused by the wearer. This does not include any defect that would not be covered by the manufacturer. In addition, this includes a watch that stops working, or does not function the way it should. We do not offer a warranty on damage that results due to every day wear and tear. Our warranty does not cover broken crystals (glass face), bracelets, clasps, buckles, dents, nor does it cover scratches, any cosmetic damage or breakage that occurs after the watch is received. Dead batteries will be replaced for the first 3 months, by shipping the watch back to us. We can also ship a new battery to you, if you wish to bring the watch to your local watch service center.

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