Hydro Flask 16 oz Stackable & Shatterproof Insulated Beer Cup - White


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  • BUILT TOUGH- These lightweight True Pints are engineered to last and are made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel.
  • Now you can finally enjoy your ice cold beer next to the pool or on the beach without the ever-present threat of broken glass if it is dropped or sat/stepped on.
  • This durability also makes it possible to take your pint with you camping to sporting events or on a trip! Just toss it in your bag and you will be ready to fill it up when you arrive at your destination.
  • COASTER-BE-GONE- The innovative TempShield insulation will prevent temperature transfer between the inside and the outside of the glass.
  • For you this means no more wet hands no more condensation and no more coasters or coozies.
  • Feel better knowing you can set your drink down anywhere and not have to worry about leaving stains.
  • The exceptional insulation will also prevent the need for you to keep your freezer packed with beer mugs taking up valuable space and freezing your hands.
  • COMFORT IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND- This cup feels like it was meant to be held.
  • This is complemented perfectly by the drip-free enhanced lip which feels like drinking from a glass pint giving you the perfect beer drinking experience.
  • The Powder Coat on the outside of the cup gives you a solid grip so your cup doesnt slip out of your hand and waste that delicious craft brew you enjoy.
  • The bright colors are not only visually attractive but allow you to spot which cup is yours at a party.
  • GO AHEAD AND SIP- Thats right sip my friend.
  • Take your time and enjoy the rich flavors and aromas of your favorite lager or IPA.
  • Keep your drink colder for longer so you dont feel rushed when imbibing or enjoying company.
  • Drink at your convenience knowing that your cup will be waiting for you ice cold from the first sip to the last drop.
  • If youre a midnight sipper keep a glass of ice water at your bedside and youll be happy to find that you still have ice come morning!.
  • SAVINGS ALL AROUND- With the excellent insulative qualities of the True Pint you will only need to fill with ice one time to last you all evening.
  • In addition once you realize how great it is to have an ice cold no-sweat cup you will never buy wasteful red Solo cups again.
  • Actually if youre not careful you may end up replacing all your cups at home!.


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This product is sold out

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