Casio G-Shock G-Mix Bluetooth Smart Watch


Brand Casio
SKU: GBA400-4A

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  • G-SHOCK the watch whose popularity spans various interests and cultures is proud to announce a collection of new music-themed G-MIX watches.
  • Each of these watches is Bluetooth SMART which makes it possible to establish aconnection with a smartphone to control various phone features from your watch.
  • The big rotary switch at 3 oclock can be used to jump between songs controlthe music volume or adjust sound attributes with an equalizer function.
  • With the song title search function the touch of a button lets you look up the title of a song playing in your location and display it on the watch.
  • You can even use the watch to produce a variety of different sound effects on your phone.
  • The dial at 9 oclock which indicates the current connection status between thewatch and phone is designed to resemble a turntable adding to the musical motif of these models.
  • In terms of features functions and design everything about these new G-MIX models is geared towards music and its enjoyment by you.
  • Mobile Link (Function linking with a Bluetooth SMART device using wireless communication.
  • Use of Mobile Link requires downloading of the G-SHOCK and G-MIX App to the phone.
  • A special player with an equalizer and sound field setting that reproduces the ambiance of various different live venues can be controlled from the watch.
  • A rotary switch operation lets you search for the title of a song playing nearby.
  • Performing a button operation on the watch causes the phone to sound a tone helping to make it easy to find.
  • Automatic Home Time and World Time setting adjustment at a preset time each day.
  • Configure World Time (approximately 300 cities) alarms timer and other watch functions from the phone.


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This product is sold out

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