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Radiant Style from Rado

While you are likely familiar with our vast variety of Michael Kors watches, Nautica watches, and more, Jacob Time carries a multitude of quality luxury watch brands that deserve your attention. One of these lesser-known brands is Rado, a contemporary watch manufacturer that is certainly worth your time. Never wore a Rado watch? This Swiss […] READ MORE

Armani Watches

Springing into New Looks

No matter where in the country you are, chances are you just endured a pretty harsh winter. Fortunately, the season is drawing to a close, and slowly ringing in the sunny weather and fresh air that defines springtime. In addition to better weather, the onset of spring brings longer days of sunshine, a slew of […] READ MORE

Citizen Watches

What’s In A Name, Part 2

Last week, we considered the etymological roots of Citizen watches. That line of products is named to reflect a certain aesthetic and history, and like Citizen watches, other brands are named with the same ideals. This week, let’s consider one more time piece in light of its etymological invocations. Nautica watches, now housed within the […] READ MORE

Jacob Time

Colorful Sport Nautica Watches

Sport watches are as appealing for their design as they are for their features. There is a showcase for some pretty neat Nautica watches with chronograph features. Take for example the Nautica BFD models. With stainless steel casing and characteristically large numbers these watches are durable and highly visible. Many of the Diver models of the […] READ MORE


Nautica Watches Are Hot Right Now

I remember first becoming aware of the brand name Nautica during the hip-hop hey day of 1996-1998. It was the first time their coats started popping up on my radar, mostly on the backs of the coolest kids in my high school. Now some fifteen years later the brand remains synonymous with fresh gear. That is a […] READ MORE