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A Peek Inside Designer Watches

Normally, the inner workings of designer Armani watches are seen only by professional watchmakers or certified repair technicians. However, it’s now your turn to see these details thanks to skeleton cased watches. Each intricate timepiece features an open face design. Observe the synchronized mechanization at work as you see the time and date each day. […] READ MORE

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Colorful Choices for Fall

As the weather continues to grow colder and the scenery outside begins to look a little more bleak, it is easy to fall into the trap of matching your outfits to the conditions outside. Blacks and grays are popular color choices for the fall and winter, and while they may look great as part of […] READ MORE

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Swatch Watches for October

Between the changing colors of the leaves and pumpkins invading homes and hot, caffeinated beverages everywhere, orange is a very appropriate color for the month that also hosts Halloween. October is full of orange and this bright and interesting color can make a very fun addition to your watch collection. Swatch watches are always creatively […] READ MORE

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Digital Displays

Digital display watches often take the backseat to analog watches because of their lack of complexity and their now commonplace status in the world. From the 1920’s when digital mechanical wristwatches first appeared on the scene, until the 1980’s when the technology needed to create digital displays improved and became more widespread, digital displays were […] READ MORE

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Wrist Watch Wrap

A very fun trend for women’s watches this season is the wrap wristband. By elongating the leather strap, watches such as the ladies’ Fossil watches pictured here can have a wrapped look to their strap. Most of these wonderfully wrapped wrist watches have straps long enough to wrap around a wrist two or three times. […] READ MORE