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Simplicity Makes a Return

The latest Armani watches for men take a subtle approach for ultimate style. This year’s most in-demand watches are elegant and minimalist in design. An Armani watch is an investment in your personal look and brand. By choosing sleek minimalist options such as the classic Armani Chronograph watch or the Retro Slim watch with its […] READ MORE

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A Peek Inside Designer Watches

Normally, the inner workings of designer Armani watches are seen only by professional watchmakers or certified repair technicians. However, it’s now your turn to see these details thanks to skeleton cased watches. Each intricate timepiece features an open face design. Observe the synchronized mechanization at work as you see the time and date each day. […] READ MORE

Armani Watches

Armani Watches Wish List

Whether you are looking fora  gift to give or adding something to your wish-list, Armani watches for women should be on everyone’s list this season! One of our newest additions to our online collection at are the Armani Classic Chiara watches for ladies. These stunning pieces come in a few different styles, but they all […] READ MORE