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Times are Changing. So Should Your Ensemble.

Times are Changing. So Should Your Ensemble.

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Do your research on the hottest watches for the colder seasons.

Everybody needs a change of pace. The turning of the seasons give us the chance to shake up the monotonous rhythm of our lives, whether by changing our commute to work, fitting Monday Night Football into our schedules, or amping up our daily wardrobe with functional, timeless, cold-weather classics. While stocking up on leather gloves and combat boots, don’t forget to update your wrist gear to truly bring your ensemble to the next level. Check out our top three Autumn-inspired pieces:


Breitling Chronomat 41 Mens Watch

This timepiece is all you need to add a subtle touch of warm color into an all-blue ensemble. A balanced mix of functional and beautiful, the leather wristband and water-resistant face are well matched against sudden Autumn showers, while the edgy, sharp two-tone design works for a day in the office or a night on the town.


Movado Circa

The wide, open face of the Movado Circa is an almost obvious choice for Fall. It’s  harder to display your prized timepiece if the watch face is hidden away under the cuff of your jacket sleeve. An oversized display keep your watch visible, accessible, and turning heads all day long.t1004173605100

Tissot PRS 516 Leather Mens Watch

A solid, bold, yellow gold timepiece is a staple in the modern gent’s closet. Don’t reserve this Citizen watch for black-tie affairs only: display your taste for the finer things and let this watch play a starring role in your everyday ensemble. A true timepiece-for-the-ages.

The seasons may be changing, but classic style never will. Stay warm.

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