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Swatch WatchesRunning late to a meeting or event can cause quite the sticky situation, especially if your only excuse was that you lost track of time. To avoid these poor performances in punctuality, a stylish watch is just what you need!

One of our favorite ladies watches at Jacob Time is the Swatch Strawberry Jam ladies watch. This watch makes our list of favorite summery watches for women because of its excellent detailing, retro styling and fun theme. A watch covered in strawberry jam is not a sensation most of us would like to experience, but this watch’s strap recreates the look of this tasty berry jam just enough to produce an almost modern-art replica.

The face of this timepiece, combined with the strawberry jam theme, creates the impression of a 1950’s picnic scene with its retro number and dial details. The clear plastic case and the way it connects to the red leather straps is another detail we love. Removing the metal case makes this watch feel perfect for ever y-day wear. Swatch watches are known for being fun, colorful and easy to wear, and this excellent piece is no exception!

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