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Atomic Timekeeping with Citizen Watches

Citizen WatchesRadio-controlled watches are a relatively new invention in the world of timekeeping devices. The first radio-controlled watch was developed in 1990 by Germany’s largest watch manufacturer, Junghans. What makes these watches unique when compared to standard watches is that they are synced via radio waves to a time standard, such as an atomic clock, and are very precise;  typically able to achieve an accuracy within a hundredth of a second relative to the time standard.

Eco-Drive pieces by Citizen watches incorporate this radio-controlled technology into their Atomic World watches. Tying the time of these watches to an atomic clock keeps them extremely accurate and adds a very cool and useful technology to an already technologically advanced timepiece available at Jacob Time.

Atomic clocks are a very reliable way of measuring time. They are the standard for Global Positioning Systems, television broadcast schedules, and national defense organizations and militaries. Their name is often misinterpreted to mean that they are based on nuclear physics when they are actually based on atomic physics. Atomic clocks use the microwave signals that are emitted by electrons when they change energy levels. Advances in technology have improved the cooling capabilities of atomic clocks which creates colder atoms that are more accurate when measuring.

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