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Watches Likely to Sync More with Smartphones

Jacob TimeWhile great design is truly timeless, the world of luxury watches is always evolving in new and exciting ways. In an age where smartphones have taken over our pockets (and productivity), it was only a matter of time before they began interacting with our beloved wristwatches. According to the Columbus Dispatch, 2013 will be the year that our phones and watches become more in sync than ever before.

According to the report, there are already several “smart watches” on the market, though they have yet to reach their full potential. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, the integration possibilities between phone and watch are truly endless. Imagine setting an alarm on your Armani watch and have it automatically set your phone to the same alarm, thus creating a backup. Or how about sharing mp3s between both devices so that you are always within reach of your favorite tunes. The list can quite literally go on and on.

Here at Jacob Time, we are certainly excited for what the future of the watch industry has in store. And while we cannot fully predict the future, we can offer you some of today’s very best luxury watches for less-than-luxury prices. From Michael Kors to Fossil, our watch selection will help you look better for less.

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