Nautica Watches

Distinguished, Sporty Quality from Nautica

Jacob TimeJacob Time is a proud distributor of luxury watches from all side of the industry, no matter the look and feel. And while we have dozens of Armani Watches, Michael Kors watches, and more from the high fashion world, our vast selection does not end there. Nautica is one of the most esteemed brands in the world of outerwear and sporting goods, and their distinct commitment to providing products for an athletic community shines through their entire watch collection.

Whether you prefer to hit the slopes or ride the waves, chances are you already own some Nautica products. If you are already a fan of this storied brand, you will be delighted to know that Nautica watches retain the same durable, athletic quality as all of their clothing. Fans of bright colors and bold designs will instantly find something to love in our Nautica selection, as the South Beach and Pro Diver models are sure to turn a few heads next time you hit the water. Of course, Nautica has plenty of quality chronographs for those who prefer elegant simplicity. No matter your sport, style, or hobby of choice, Nautica watches are an easy fit for all types of shoppers.

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