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A Presidential Style All Your Own

Jacob TimePresident’s Day has officially kicked off, which means you are likely kicking back on your couch or recliner as you read this very blog post. While you revel in some much-needed time off, it is important to honor the men who made this very vacation possible – Our former presidents! While George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were not around to sport some fancy Armani and Michael Kors Watches, they were certainly stalwarts of style during their time.

If the United States’ first President and Honest Abe were around today, we could easily see them rocking a few luxury watches from Jacob Time. Washington, as the country’s first commander-in-chief, would likely opt for the bold style found in our Fossil watch collection. Lincoln, as a famous advocate of freedom, might have chosen the forward thinking Citizen Eco-Drive watches. As for what type of watch President Obama prefers? We just may have to find a way to ask him ourselves.

There are a multitude of ways to honor our founding fathers this President’s Day. By choosing a quality luxury watch from Jacob Time, you can create a truly presidential style for yourself, and can hopefully be remembered for years and years to come.


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