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Eco-Drive: The Future of Watches?

Jacob TimeWhile every watch displayed and sold on is among the highest quality in the industry, there is one brand that shines brightly among its peers. Literally. We proudly carry a large variety of Citizen Eco-Drive watches that, in addition to being affordable and styling, are largely fueled by solar energy. While you may wear other watches when soaking up the sun, this one actually runs on sunlight.

Solar power is not a new concept to the timepiece industry, and there were actually several other watches using sun-driven technology decades ago. However, when Eco-Drive Citizen watches first hit the market in 1996, they offered many refinements on the solar concept, making the solar panels much less visible and way more fashionable. The brand has since grown tremendously, and we are delighted to sell some of the best Eco-Drive watches right on our website. From simplistic leather-banded Citizen watches to attention-grabbing chronographs, all of our Eco-Drive watches allow you to enjoy luxury style without having to depend on wasteful battery power. Whether you are looking for an Eco-friendly gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day or you simply want to upgrade your timepiece collection, these unique Citizen watches are an elegant, sustainable solution for all kinds of watch enthusiasts.

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