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Jacob TimeIf you browse the shifting banners on our homepage, you may notice one dedicated to Michael Kors with the tagline “Feel Sexy Without Being Ridiculous.” We feel that is a fitting mantra for this storied timepiece company, as all of their products are ideal for grabbing attention without giving the impression that you are trying too hard to do so. Regardless of age or gender, Michael Kors watches add a touch of understated flair to your wrist for all occasions.

While Michael Kors is one of the top luxury watch brands in the industry, Jacob Time is proud to offer these distinguished timepieces for less than retail value. We could talk more about it, but we will let our prices speak for themselves. The fittingly titled “Runway” ladies watch is perfect for females with a penchant for high fashion, and can be purchased for just $187, down from its original price of $250. Male watch enthusiasts can enjoy similar savings on the “Scout” watch, which is a simplistically beautiful white silicone chronograph watch. If you are shopping on a budget, this suave timepiece can be bought for $161, roughly $20 less than its initial asking price.

Browse our Michael Kors watch selection and you too may realize that looking sexy does not have to be ridiculous. And neither do our prices.



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