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TW Steel Watches Redefine Luxury

How strong is steel? Very strong. How strong? Think about how much our modern infrastructure relies on steel. Far overseas, the men and women of our military depend on steel aircraft carriers. Back on the home front, steel kitchen appliances are gradually taking hold in neighborhoods. And between those two extremes, regular necessities like rails, girders, wires, hulls, and vehicle bodies all are indebted to steel.  But steel is not only found in practical items, but luxury ones as well. Specifically, we are thinking of a little Dutch watchmaker known for its over-sized chronographs and wristwatches. Perhaps you have heard of them: TW Steel?

TW Steel watches, while not steeped in as rich a history like some others (the brand is scarcely eight years old), have carved their niche in the designer marketplace through their own know-how and reputation. Chief Design Officer Ton Cobelens got his start distributing Raymond Weil watches in the eighties. Since then, the husband-and-son team behind TW Steel have constantly refined their products into some of the finest fashion items today. If you have ever discarded the thought of owning a luxury watch simply because luxury denotes expense, consider shopping our TW Steel line. We are confident you will find what you are looking for.

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