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Affordable Sophistication from Fossil

Perhaps you have cherished your ultra manly stainless steel Ansel watch by Fossil for so long that the name brand only now summons thoughts of African safaris, outdoor football, close combat, and other decidedly masculine activities. But to label the Fossil manufacturer as a strictly men’s designer would be an incredible disservice to the versatile brand. Ladies Fossil watches make a lovely asset to any discerning female watch connoisseur, and currently we offer more than 120 different models for those inclined to buy one for themselves or as gifts.

Near the top of our most coveted ladies Fossil watches is the Glitz ceramic watch, model no. CE1013-F. Available for purchase through Amazon Payments, Google Checkout, PayPal, or a secure credit card (of course), the Glitz perfectly encapsulates the ceramic trend that has enraptured watch lovers all over the world. But in addition to its black ceramic case and black ceramic bracelet, this Fossil watch also comes with quite a distinguished dial. Encrusted with beautiful crystal accents, the bezel contains a deep ebony face with luminous, gold-colored hour and minute hands. The three subdials are certainly nothing to neglect either, and are sure to add a touch of credibility for any woman of discernment.

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