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There’s Still Time For A Free Gift!

tw steel watchesMerry Christmas, everyone. Or, if you do not fancy yourself the Christmas type, happy new year then. Or, if you do not fancy yourself the Gregorian calendar type, get lost. No, just kidding! No matter how you pass or label your time, you can still get a free gift from us if you place an order soon. At this point, we only have less than a hundred different watch models bearing great gifts of great joy, so avoid delay as prizes will favor the bold, friends. The free piece of jewelry you receive is valued at $60 with the purchase of your watch. Oh, we mentioned that, right? You have to buy a watch.

If you are not into Nautica watches, you cannot find a better alternative than the Raymond Weil Parsifal timepiece for ladies. Raymond Weil watches carry a fine reputation within the designer watch world and this particular piece exemplifies that. Taking its name from a Wagner opera, the Parsifal is brushed and polished completely in 18-carat yellow gold. Surrounding the immaculate mother of pearl dial are dozens of dazzling diamonds that wrap around the numerals and extend into the bracelet. Convinced yet? Shop the rest of our gift pairings here.

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