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Our Holiday Return Policy

Look, we get the whole holiday season. You grab a couple of Raymond Weil watches to diffuse through the friends and family members on your list. You get them in the mail, exquisitely wrapped, and place them delicately under the tree or maybe you drop one in a stocking. And then, that fateful morning arrives. You spend the entire day waiting for the look of utter elation on their faces when they tear open their present. And then it happens. They do tear open their present, but that is most definitely not the look of utter elation. More stifled disappointment than anything. What can you do?

The sad reality is, not everyone likes Raymond Weil or TW Steel watches. But fear not, champions of taste, we have a special extended return policy during the holiday season to assuage the sting of an inappropriate gift. Any purchase made from now until December 15 will have until January 15 to be returned for a full refund minus shippingAlthough many of our watch packages come with free shipping, it still is not free to ship the order to you, so if you need your money back, this amount will automatically be deducted from the final refund.

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