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New Vintage Inspired Watches From DKNY

dkny watchesWhen asked about his most lauded work, Metropolis, director Fritz Lang said his silent film was “born from my first sight of the skyscrapers in New York in October 1924. The buildings seemed to be a vertical sail, scintillating and very light, a luxurious backdrop, suspended in the dark sky to dazzle, distract, and hypnotize.”

Looking through our own selection of DKNY watches, it is difficult not to be reminded of Lang’s futuristic cityscape. This model in particular, the DKNY Expansion Crystal watch for ladies, seems especially informed of the Art Deco movement.

Like a Manhattan skyscraper, this watch uses all of its space for optimum efficiency. The narrow bracelet is paved with stunning crystal detailing that is uniform throughout, but the true focal point is the watch face, of course. Flaunting pure urban minimalism, the Expansion Crystal watch sports an austere ivory-colored face with miniature hands and hard right-angles in place of numerals.

Not unlike similar Citizen watches, everything about this DKNY timepiece is vintage inspired. From the stainless steel rectangular case to the bracelet itself, the Expansion features the best of the Jazz Age and today, with tested water resistance up to 30 meters and genuine mineral quartz crystal movement.

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